Thursday, January 17, 2013

So Long 2012, and Thanks For All the Geek

Last year was a year of renewal for me. Those that know me understand the significance of that remark.

While I spent the majority of the year disconnected from the world, I reconnected to a classic medium of entertainment in its proper form of presentation ...

The Cinema.

This Regal Pre-Movie Announcement sums up the point I’d like to express.

Ironic that it’s a second hand recording, huh?

I watched so many great movies in the theater last year. Yes, on the BIG screen. The way they’re supposed to be seen. Here’s what I had the honor of getting to see, along with a short review.

The Avengers - In Joss Whedon’s impeccable character writing we trust.
Prometheus - Nostalgic science fiction for the next generation.
The Amazing Spider-Man - The one super hero movie this year that is actually kid friendly.
Savages - Great cinematography does not make up for a poorly done double ending.
Bourne Legacy - Something tells me I should watch the other Bourne movies before I comment.
Hit and Run - A forgettable action comedy that is saved by Kristen Bell’s cuteness.
Looper - A heart warming Happy Mother’s Day card wrapped in a Bruce Willis action envelope.
The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey - More of a prequel to the Lord of the Rings than the actual book was.

See a pattern? Yes I'm a science fiction and comic book fan, and this year was our year. Not only did we dominate the summer, but they were actually good! Most were even in 3D. We saw the finale of a Dark Knight Trilogy, and the beginning of An Unexpected Journey. Witnessed the dawn of a new era for Marvel Comic movies. We even had an original science fiction film; Rian Johnson’s Looper.  Pretty impressive considering 95% of Hollywood movies these days are based on a book or a graphic novel.

So what does the future hold? More of the same it seems. Here's my list of movie attendance goals, with a little commentary of my expectations.

Star Trek: Into Darkness - I still hope the villian is Kahn, but am at peace with it being John Harrison or whoever.
Mama - The trailer gave me chills!
Evil Dead - Didn't believe in a Ash-less Evil Dead, until I saw the amazing trailer.
Carrie - Chloe Grace Moretz sold this with a single glance in the trailer.
Oblivian - Got a feeling the SFX will be the only thing special about this movie.
After Earth - Every so often Will Smith does something amazing.
Man of Steel - Not a fan of the Emo-Superman trend, but this looks promising.
Ender’s Game - Despite OSC being a homophobic jerk, Ender's Game is still a great book.

I think that’s a good enough list for now. What are you excited for? Comment below.

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