Sunday, June 2, 2013

#DCC2013 Day 3

When the convention ended at six o'clock today, I felt immediate remorse. My last walk out the main hallway was slowed by the weight of it's significance. This was the end of a most, excellent journey.  While the convention did have it's problems (cough, morning entrance lines, cough, cough), the sheer awesomeness of the attendees and guests overshadowed those issues.

Again, it's the end of a long day and I must be brief in my telling of it. From an outsiders perspective, my last day is kinda boring due to 60% of it being a game of Dungeons & Dragons. There's more story to this, but put simply I gave away my William Shatner ticket so I could play in a game I already committed to. That may sound lame, but I made someone's day when I surprised them with a ticket. The look of gratitude on his face made it worthwhile.

So BatFans, WILL he take the time to write a summary blog of Comic Con?

CAN he tell you the important details without creating a blog too long to read?

Does he have the charisma, the passion, and THE EGO to presume there's even enough viewership to support such a feat?

We'll find out soon friends ... same Bat Network, same Bat Domain!

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